GrĂ¡inne Heneghan


GrĂ¡inne Heneghan

I became a Pharmacist because:

I started my career studying Science in the National University of Ireland and due to a keen interest in Chemistry I made the switch and the move to the U.K. to study pharmacy. I haven’t looked back and I am delighted to have chosen a career that is constantly growing and changing.


Brief career history:

I began my career working part time for a well-known pharmacy chain through weekend work, pharmacy placements and eventually my pre-registration. As registration approached I felt a change was needed and I began my first working day as a Locum Community pharmacist. I enjoyed the flexibility this career gave me for a few years.

I was learning every day and with my knowledge of the different companies and the way they worked I was now in a position to take on a permanent role. I took a position as a Pharmacist Manager but this time chose a Supermarket Chain. After 3 months in this role I was approached for a promotion and took a similar role elsewhere. This was a great opportunity for me where I managed an acquisition.

This was challenging and interesting but my role was mainly managerial. I decided that my career in Community Pharmacy had come to an end and I looked into entering the Primary Care sector. It was the best decision I have ever made.

I joined Ashburton because:

I joined Ashburton after some strong positive feedback from current colleagues and because I knew a growing company like this was the next step for me.

I like working for Ashburton because:

Ashburton has given me the opportunity to feel like I am making a difference in patient’s lives and that’s what has been missing from my career for the last few years.

It also gives me a chance to make a difference albeit small to the future of our NHS.
It is a good learning environment and I feel part of a team. There is a great support network.
Every day I am utilising my skills and knowledge more and more.

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