AF Awareness Week 2020

‘I am very passionate about the role pharmacists can play in reducing strokes caused by Atrial fibrillation (AF) – a heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate.⠀

I am a Primary Care Pharmacist and I recently worked for a programme that looks at the best ways to treat patients with AF. ⠀

This programme decreases the rates of AF-related stroke through increasing the numbers of patients being appropriately anticoagulated. An anticoagulant, or blood thinning medication, reduces the ability of the blood to clot, which helps blood flow through the body and reduces the risk of strokes and other illnesses. ⠀

As part of the programme, I was asked to attend shared decision making training to ensure individuals are supported to make the right decisions for them. ⠀

The decision for a patient about whether to take an anticoagulant or not can be a tough one, and the training helped me to adapt my style of consultation to ensure there is a true joint decision made.⠀

Since the training I have noticed more patients have commented about how easy I was to talk to and how helpful the consultation was, which I think speaks volumes!’⠀

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