The NHS APP and Primary Care Networks

A couple of really important and interesting stories today. Firstly some positive feedback from the new NHS APP.

Hopefully an easy to use and well functioning NHS APP shoudle ase the burden on practices phone lines and in turn the perception of the practice from a patient experience standpoint.

Combined with the news that finally, finally, finally the powers that be have run out of reasons to use fax machines, it would appear that we may be making some headway in taking the NHS forward as a modern healthcare organisation.

Secondly, Minesh Patel, chair of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) speaking about the potential of PCNs as part of the long term plan. 

Whilst we still have some reservations and concerns about how they will ultimately function, we are 100% of the opinion that in theory the PCNs are a majorly positive step or primary care and the NHS in general. 

This is one crucial point made by Mr Patel:

"It ahs become harder and harder to (build professional relationships), partly because of the way our system is organised and partyl because our professionls have gotten busier and busier."

Joint working solutions, communications between different organisations and sharing of good practice is one of the biggest failings in the NHS. If the PCNs can go some way to allevaite these problems then they will have been a success in our opinion.

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