About Us

Ashburton prides itself on providing talented Pharmacists who possess a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion for medication issues in a variety of diverse environments and at the interface to GP Practices.

‚ÄčAll of our Pharmacists are enthusiastic and innovative and enjoy the challenge of developing and delivering top quality services to patients and health care professionals alike.

Ashburton dedicates itself to providing a personal, safe and evidence based prescribing support service to GP Practice and their patients.

Ashburton Prescribing Consultants Ltd was founded in June 2013 by Pharmacists and Independent Prescribers Lynne Garforth and Sue Read.

Between them Lynne and Sue have over 40 years of experience working within the NHS, with 25 years spent in Primary Care.

Previous employment in both community and hospital pharmacy by Lynne and Sue respectively, bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to Ashburton that can only service to benefit the people to whom they provide services.

The company is only where it is today due to the extreme levels of hard work, belief and commitment shown by Lynne and Sue during those early months and years.

Since 2013 Ashburton has continued to expand and in August 2018 our 19th new team member and 17th Pharmacist will begin the hard work of continuing to grow Ashburton's burgeoning reputation.


Contact Us:  0151 515 6505  contactus@ashburtonprescribing.com

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