Adam Francis


Adam Francis

I became a Pharmacist because:

I wanted a career that would be rewarding and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Since qualifying I have realised the unique impact that pharmacists can make being the most accessible health professional to the public.

Brief career history:

After qualifying, I chose to locum within the community pharmacy sector to gain a wealth of experience and develop my interpersonal skills being exposed to a variety of working systems and procedures.

I later went on to becoming a pharmacy manager within a local independent pharmacy. During this time, I realised the most rewarding days of my career were spent in the consultation room building a rapport with my patients; identifying and tackling any medication issues they were experiencing, improving adherence and optimising their regimen thus improving health outcomes.

With the changing landscape of the NHS and desire to continually expand my skillset, I decided to return to university to complete a clinical diploma with an independent prescribing qualification. During my time completing my diploma, the opportunity arose to become part of Ashburton’s pioneering pharmacist team.

I joined Ashburton because:

I believe Ashburton is a company that is pathing the future of primary care pharmacy. It is a privilege to be part of a team that is ever-growing due to is demonstrable need and success.

I like working for Ashburton because:

Ashburton gives you the support and ability to expand your career and knowledge. Since joining Ashburton, my clinical knowledge has vastly grown and has supported my academic development. Ashburton are a unique company to work for because it has a strong family ethos where everyone strives to look out for each other to achieve their best.

The Ashburton team is comprised of pharmacists from different backgrounds and expertise which in essence means there’s always somebody you can ask if you ever have a question.

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