Michaela Delargy

Team Manager

Pharmacist - Independent Prescriber

Michaela Delargy

Date Joined:

Sep 2016

I became a Pharmacist because:

I always wanted to work in healthcare as it is an ever changing and meaningful role. Making a difference to people's lives, both clinically and holistically, has always been an attraction for me. It tends to be fast paced and a role that continues to develop as society changes.

Brief career history:

I qualified in 2012 and commenced work as a relief pharmacist for a well-known multinational. Shortly after I was promoted to pharmacy manager which is a role I continued in for over 3 years.  After this, however, I decided I wanted a change and undertook the prescribing course with Keele University.  I spent 9 months working in a pharmacy and working in a surgery. Once complete I joined Ashburton and have not looked back since.

I joined Ashburton because:

Ashburton are a forward thinking company who offer services that are crucial to the Primary Care sector.  The variation in the role and the opportunity to contribute to compensating for the gaps Pharmacists can fill within primary care attracted me to this job.  It is unlike other organisations as you are able to work to your full capacity and are encouraged to introduce new ways of working and develop your skill set even further. All ideas are welcome.

There are also a lot of training opportunities so I never feel left behind or not up-to-date.  They pride themselves on the support they offer all their staff so they can be the best they can be.

I like working for Ashburton because:

It is a close knit and friendly company. Everyone is welcome and supported by the whole team. The company directors go out of their way to ensure everyone has the appropriate level of skill and knowledge to deliver the best service possible to patients and practices.

I enjoy my every day role and feel appreciated by  GP's and surgery staff alike. With this excellent support, I feel confident to go forward and develop even more skills.

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