GP Practice Pharmacist Support

Primary care is currently in the midst of an immediate and increasing crisis; on average GP's are working between 50 and 60 hours a week to compete with the ever growing demands of patient needs.

According to estimates, consultations in general practice rose to over 340million a year in 2013; a 13 percent rise since 2008. Whilst the national GP workforce has risen at a similar pace to consultations over the previous years, the complexity of patient consultations has continued to swell at an alarming rate. Due to advances in medical science, coupled with an ageing population, the number of patients with numerous long term conditions has continued to rise.

The time required to properly investigate and treat these complex consultations is being hampered by the sheer amount of administrative paperwork GP's are required to complete. Many of these tasks that take time and focus away from GP's are ones that can be completed by Pharmacists. In order to relieve the workload on GP's, practice Pharmacists are essential in dealing with the growing concerns in primary care.

Ashburton can support GP practices by offering long or short term relief to reduce GP workload and reduce the number of GP hours required by a practice.

The advantages of having a skilled Pharmacist as part of the practice team will mean that GP's will have more time to spend seeing patients face to face. These extra hours will allow for more time to be afforded to investigating and treating complex issues.

Furthermore Ashburton Pharmacists have expanded their role's further by providing crucial assistance to the wider practice experience. Our interactions with all staff including receptionists and nurses has assisted in providing an improved service all round to patients. 


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