Exciting career move pays dividends

I started out my career in community pharmacy and after completing a Post Graduate Diploma i decided it was time to move into an environment where i could develop my clinical skills so moved on to work for the PCT in Liverpool in 2001.

I worked with the Medicines Management team for 11 years and loved being part of a big team and especially enjoyed developing and running their pharmacist led anticoagulation service.

I said goodbye to the NHS in 2013 and took what felt like a very brave step into the world of self employment and although i was a little wary and sad as i was leaving a lot of good friends behind it felt like the right move, I wanted to be part of something new and could see that there was an emerging role for Pharmacists working in general practice.

My career has moved on dramatically since then. Not only am i working as a part of GP practice teams but i am now also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and have worked in secondary care helping to set up a pharmacist led out- patient anticoagulation service.

I've had some great opportunities along the way to speak at conferences such as Clinical Pharmacy Congress and The Pharmacy Show and i'm now in the final stretch of an MSc in Advanced Practice but most importantly of all, Ashburton Prescribing has developed and grown!

We're nearly four years down the line now and we haven't looked back. Sue and i have worked incredibly hard to develop a company we are proud of. We have expanded our team and have very talented and enthusiastic individuals working alongside us. I often look around at our team at meetings and can't quite believe what we have achieved!

Ashburton has worked with some very innovative GP practices, working ahead of the game when it comes to pharmacists integrating into GP practice teams. As a result we have a model that delivers on saving GP time and adding extra value to the patient experience. We have supported practices with achieving QOF and GP spec targets and have found that once a GP practice has had a practice pharmacist they never want to lose them!

We pride ourselves on training and supporting our team of pharmacists. We have a wealth of specialties in our senior pharmacists and all of our pharmacists are either already prescribers or are signed up to take the prescribing course. For practices this means that not only do we remove the costs and responsibilities of employment but also the costs and time associated with training.

I'm very excited about what the future holds for Ashburton,  i'm sure we will continue to be at the forefront of an exciting future for General Practice and Pharmacy as a whole.

Lynne's business partner Sue Read.

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