Any overlap between nurses and pharmacists in practice is completely unnecessary

A recent story from 'Management in Practice' magazine, reports that a lack of clarity about the remit of practice pharmacists has led to some nurses viewing them as a threat, a new report from the Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy journal has revealed.

Ashburton have seen no such issues whilst working in General practice as we work hard to ensure practice pharmacist work is clearly defined, as Daniel Read, Operations Manager, explained:

"Any overlap between nurses and pharmacists in practice is completely unnecessary and displays exactly why expert knowledge of the practice pharmacist role is required. If the funding from NHSE is going to be utilised effectively then Pharmacist skills must be managed in the appropriate way as working as part of a multidisciplinary team with Nurses and GPs.

The image displays just a small part of how an Ashburton pharmacist works alongside Nurses and GPs. The issues highlighted in the article below are something we've not experienced in practices we work with. One of the key reasons practices choose an Ashburton pharmacist is because we have the knowledge and experience in primary care to ensure practices are getting the best value for money out of their pharmacist time."

One Pharmacist interviewed as part of the study said:

"When I first came, it was very much focused on getting the medication reviews done and just that role and I don’t think the GPs really understood what I could do."

This is a crucial point, whilst the new funding available for Pharmacists in general practice is on the whole a hugely positive step, both for the profession and primary care in general, if GPs do not take steps to understand and utilise the true extent of a pharmacists capabilities within a GP practice, the scheme will not ultimately have the impact that it needs. Daniel Read went on to say:

"In order for Pharmacists, GPs and patients to get the most out of the new GP contract funding then there needs to be some time invested into ensuring that pharmacists are given the correct work streams in practices, otherwise pharmacists won't be challenged enough, GPs won't have their workloads and patient safety won't be improved."

To read the full article follow the link below.‘turf-war’-due-ambiguous-job-roles-report-finds

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