Non Medical Prescribing Course - University of Liverpool

During October 2017 Ashburton began our Nurses and AHCP Non-Medical Prescribing course in partnership with The University of Liverpool.

Sue Read is leading on this exciting new project with assistance from other members of our team including Amit Patel. As of next year the course will also be tailored to include Pharmacists.

Following the conclusion of our inaugural NMP Course, Sue, Amit and Ashburton all received well deserved praise on a successful 6 months.


There have of course been glitches along the way as is normal when doing something for the first time. However the overwhelming feedback was that the course was a success and forms the start of what is sure to be an exciting and enterprising partnership to come.


"The course has been so well evaluated, the students absolutely loved your approach and thought you were fantastic - and they particularly loved the quiz."

"Amit also got an excellent billing too! As well as the students enjoying the course immensely, and feeling they really learnt from it, Ian and I also really enjoyed the course."

Dr Maria Flynn
Lead for PG Studies, School of Health Sciences


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